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Which Airlock should I choose? Or should I choose both?

The differences between the 2 Piece Airlock and 3 Piece Airlocks are:

1) size and
2) moving parts.

The 3 Piece Airlock has a moving bubbler that makes it easy to see the activity level in the ferment, and the 2 Piece does not have moving parts.

Water can be added to the 3 Piece Airlock without disrupting the seal because the bubbler is a separate piece, and the 2 Piece Airlock has the bubbler attached to the lid, and so the ferment is exposed to Air when the water evaporates and needs a refill.

The 2 Piece is about 3/4 inch shorter when installed, and some like it best because it requires less height clearance in the refrigerator. Others like the 3 Piece Airlock because it is larger, and requires less observation to ensure that the water doesn't dehydrate, breaking the seal.

Personally I prefer the 3 Piece Airlock for my ferments in long term storage, and the 2 Piece Airlock for the short term while consuming the food in my kitchen refrigerator.