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The Probiotic Jar

Wellness Alaska has been leading small classes in anaerobic fermentation since 2012, producing The Probiotic Jar for fermenting since the Spring of 2013, and top-notch, all-day seminars since Spring of 2015.

Karen Ross is someone you will want to know on your health journey. She founded Wellness Alaska in 2006, and has helped countless people find motivation to change their lives through her health classes and individualized coaching. As a result of her own health crisis, for which allopathic medical science had no answers, she developed The Probiotic Jar to empower individuals to create powerful, living, probiotic food at home, completely free of toxic molds, and lower in histamine compounds, which makes it possible for almost everyone to eat and benefit from fermented foods.

After intensively studying fermentation, Karen discovered that an anaerobic environment was key to preventing the development of mold compounds in ferments. Moreover, the probiotic microbes are able to flourish in exponentially greater numbers in an anaerobic environment. Desperate for a solution, and believing that eating mold is not good for anyone (sensitive or not), she pressed forward. With the help of a great engineer and the support of her husband, The Probiotic Jar was created. Adding anaerobically fermented foods made a huge difference in Karen’s symptoms almost immediately. She considers anaerobically fermented food to be the “missing food group” in a healthy diet. Traditionally fermented foods have been almost entirely eliminated from most people’s diet with the commercialization and mass packaging of food.

Karen’s infectious passion has garnered support from numerous volunteers, and their dedicated efforts have taken The Probiotic Jar to where it is today.

Now, many people fighting for their health have been able to utilize optimized probiotic food at home, in over 25 countries, and health professionals who have attended the seminar are equipped to teach their clients/patients how to safely create and benefit from fermented foods. You can learn more about anaerobic fermenting at

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WellnessAK/Probiotic Jar
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The Foundation for Functional Fermented Food ~

Early in 2017, The Foundation for Functional Fermented Food was established to carry forth the mission of education that Wellness Alaska has provided through 2016.  The Foundation has received 501.c3 non-profit status.