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In the development of The Probiotic Jar, we have taken into consideration every possible angle to create the most ideal and safe environment for culturing your healthy probiotic food:

The Stoppers and Grommets are made in the USA from FDA Food Grade Silicone. It meets the highest standards for flexible materials that come into contact with food. They are latex-free.

The Jars and the Brine (Submersion) Bowls are made from high quality Bormioli Rocco Fido glass and is lead and cadmium free, made in Italy.

The Brine (Submersion) Bowls are tempered for additional safety. The Gaskets are made in Italy from Food Grade Rubber/Silicone.

The Airlocks are made from Food Grade Polystyrene. The 3-Piece Airlocks are made in Canada, and the 2-Piece Mini Airlocks are made in Columbia.

The Bale Wires are steel. They do mar easily, and we recommend hand washing and immediately drying to preserve the shiny finish.

All the materials used in The Probiotic Jar are lead free, cadmium free, phalate free, BPA free, and are Food Grade, of the safest and highest quality materials possible.

What makes The Probiotic Jar truly special is the hole in the glass lid. After several months of testing, trial and error, we discovered that almost nothing worked to provide a truly smooth hole with a polished edge, sized perfectly right down to the half-millimeter. We finally landed on a combination of unique processes including special computer-controlled grinding equipment and finishing with hand polishing that results in a smooth rounded edge that will not cut the grommet under normal use. This special design will give years of greatly satisfactory performance. In the unlikely event that you do manage to tear a grommet, we'll gladly replace it for you when you contact us and return the lid.