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Lisa's Counter Culture 2nd Edition Cookbook

Pickles and other Well-Bred Foods
by Lisa Herndon

Featuring The Probiotic Jar

The must-have cookbook for fermenting,
and the only one of it's kind for anaerobic fermentation!

Launch your healthy diet and expand your fermenting horizons to a new place
with the information and recipes in this special book!

This is a comprehensive guide covering fermentation (with anaerobic-specific recipes) AND a wide array of nutrient-dense companion foods that make up a healthy diet. All the recipes are gluten free. Information on sourcing your best bets for real food as well as detailed, traditional recipes covering everything from bone broth, salads, meat, eggs, seafood, veggies, dehydrator to treats. This is a collection of Lisa's best tried and true recipes.

This is a conveniently sized, spiral-bound 6 inch by 9 inch softcover book that lies flats while brewing up your next ferment. This book will save you money. No more wasted failed ferments.

Make you own real foods with probiotics and correctly balanced vitamins, minerals and enzymes and see supplement needs quickly decrease!

One can't compete with real living food when compared to processed (even minimally) probiotics. Who knows if the probiotics supplements are even still alive? Were they shipped under refrigeration? Are they just sitting there at room temperature at home? Experts think there isn't much life left in them....

Make you own and feel assured that you are getting those good bugs where they need to go.

The focus is on anaerobic fermentation. These recipes (except for kombucha) will work with any truly airtight anaerobic jar system . Each recipe provides a clear explanation of temperature, duration, salinity, and technique recommendations, as well as an extended Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section as appropriate for each type of ferment.

Traditional Cooking for the Modern Kitchen
Step-by-Step Anaerobic Instruction for Digestion-Healing Probiotics
Safe and Scientific Techniques (No More Wasted, Failed Ferments)
Delicious Nutrient-Dense Real Foods (Bone Broth, Seafood, Meat, Veggies and More)
Gluten Free and Paleo Friendly
Probiotic JarTM Specific Recipes
Food, Equipment & Resource Guides

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