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Here is a series of videos we have created to assist you in your fermenting journey! We have focused on the most common concerns experienced by newbies as well as those experienced in the art of fermenting. None of the individuals featured in these videos are professional actors/actesses, but rather they are stay at home moms, working dads, teachers, entrepreneurs: in other words, people of all sorts, just like you and me, winding their way through the wonderful world of fermenting!

All of our free videos are on this page, please continue to scroll down to find them.

In the first video, Karen, the creator of The Probiotic Jar, talks about her journey into the amazing world of fermented foods and fermenting, and talks about what led to the development of the Probiotic Jar System.

Melanie discusses things you must know about how to fill the Jar in this video:

In the following video, Hillary explains how to mix and measure brine for vegetable ferments.


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Elora explains how to choose between the 3-Piece Airlock or the 2-Piece Airlock, and how to fill them.

Whether or not to open the Jar during the countertop phase is explored by Shirley.

In this video, Baxter explains whether or not to add brine when a ferment has swollen up and the brine level appears to have dropped.

Karen explains how to deal with an overflowing Airlock.

Everybody's favorite teacher, Linda, explains the use of the Airlock and when it can be switched out for the Stopper.

Shirley talks about how to prevent mold in ferments, and why anaerobic fermenting in The Probiotic Jar(tm) is superior to other methods. She also gives a short overview of how to convert recipes for use in The Probiotic Jar(tm).

In this impromptu video, Linda has just come in from cleaning out her fall garden in preparation for winter and throws together a delicious ferment.